The Power of Nonsense

Silver’s blog the other day got me to thinking. In case anyone missed it or wants the Reader’s Digest version, it’s a Pow-Wow ‘spell’ for dealing with something that is making you feel overwhelmed or unduly stressed, even to the point where you feel paralyzed. (I love it, btw, and we’ve already gone on a creek hike to find rocks.) Say, for the sake of example, that your problem is some weeds.  Then you:

Take two rocks. Any two rocks. Bang them rhythmically together.

The weeds and the dragon flew over the wagon.
The weeds abated and the dragon skee-ated.

Chant a total of 27 times. You should be laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Then later, before you go to bed, say ‘Lolly lolly chicken dirt, by tomorrow it won’t hurt.’.

The problem may still be there, but you won’t feel overwhelmed by it so much. You’ll be able to take mundane steps to solve it.

According to Silver, that ‘spell’ works by resetting your personal field. Which I guess is just a mystical way of saying that you can’t be intimidated by something you’ve laughed at. And yes, I know that you’re not laughing at the object of the problem, but you really can’t help but associate it with the laughter.

In a way, it’s related to the old standby of how to deal with a person who intimidates you. That is, picture him on the toilet. Ridiculous? Maybe, but effective for all that.

Nonsense can be good for more than that, though. Laughing about something together bonds us; it forms a group mind. The coven that laughs together… ok, nothing rhymes with ‘laughs’ – but Remember Badger Badger Badger…? It heals rifts between people. It’s awfully hard to stay mad at someone who you are laughing with… even if the laughter has nothing whatsoever to do with what you are fighting about.

Aside from interpersonal relations, laughter is the quickest and surest way to break a hex. The energy that laughter generates renders the hex zap harmless.

So long as it’s a good positive expression of lunacy, and not a derisive statement, laughter has more positive uses than anything else I can think of right now. (Hm… lunacy = of the moon = of the goddess = magick. Just a thought) Laughing negates the power of negative psychic energy. It puts us in a positive field which will attract more positive energy. It gives us something to share. It makes us feel friendly. It relieves stress. Where’s the down side here? Let’s all go do some You-Tube therapy!

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