Oh my achin’ head!

Pensylvania dutch pow wow is only one part of my “witchy” practice, but it very much speaks to my inner shaman heart.  I must say I get great joy from my kitchen witch creations, and when I can combine it with fruitful action, well, I just feel fulfilled.

I have been plagued by headaches, and am always looking for ways to remedy them.  Having recently been learning more about the practice of hexcraft and pow wow I decided to try something new.  I found a chant to relieve pain (conveniently, I have to memorize it anyway) and started in on pulling the headache out of my head.  The first go round, I had wonderous relief… that only lasted about 30 seconds and BAM, headache is back.

Grumble grumble cuss cuss (as is my nature) OK lets embrace my closeted herbalist…  I grabbed my peppermint and lavender oil.  Whipped up a little “headache relief” and repeated the chant…..     hmm…..  interesting…  headache eased!

A tall glass of H2O later and it was like it was never there…  Mumbo jumbo…  maybe, but I believe it works.  Belief is half the battle!!