Oh my achin’ head!

Pensylvania dutch pow wow is only one part of my “witchy” practice, but it very much speaks to my inner shaman heart.  I must say I get great joy from my kitchen witch creations, and when I can combine it with fruitful action, well, I just feel fulfilled.

I have been plagued by headaches, and am always looking for ways to remedy them.  Having recently been learning more about the practice of hexcraft and pow wow I decided to try something new.  I found a chant to relieve pain (conveniently, I have to memorize it anyway) and started in on pulling the headache out of my head.  The first go round, I had wonderous relief… that only lasted about 30 seconds and BAM, headache is back.

Grumble grumble cuss cuss (as is my nature) OK lets embrace my closeted herbalist…  I grabbed my peppermint and lavender oil.  Whipped up a little “headache relief” and repeated the chant…..     hmm…..  interesting…  headache eased!

A tall glass of H2O later and it was like it was never there…  Mumbo jumbo…  maybe, but I believe it works.  Belief is half the battle!!


Akin to a Fine Wine

So after a, regretfully, much needed swift kick in the arse, and getting all EMO (I detest EMO,)  I had an interesting conversation with my spouse, reflecting on our big camping outing.  This little group is not made up of speed racers.  I feel the need to preface.  We are not a bring-in-as many-as-we-can-and-let-the-Goddess-sort-them-out kind of crew.  It may work for some, but us… not so much… I don’t seem to understand how clergy can be trained lickity split.  Yeah yeah, every one is different, and it isn’t a race, but seriously.  From dedicant to third in anything less than 3 years seems insane.  Another notch on one’s belt, sound good, is exciting and fun, but like a quick mead, all that fuzzy and bubbles and sweet covers up little more than shallow purposeless alcohol.  To truly develop a well grounded, fully rounded, strong, confident, leader takes time.

You can do it faster BUNK!  I channel a dear friend and raise my little fist of defiance and extend my middle finger.  Insert choice words here….  ok now that that little rant is out of the way…

Let me tell you how we do do it here.  Much like a fine single malt Scotch, or small-batch, aged red wine, we take our time.  Sometimes we take a little long developing certain flavors and need a sound shake… but I digress.  There is so much more than just getting through material that happens here.  We are a training group.  We read, we study, we let information ferment, and develop the subtle flavor that only thought, experience, reflection and application can provide.   Could we plow through material at lightening speed? Sure!  We are everyday folks with everyday busy lives.  We could give material a cursory skim, dot the i’s and cross t’s to finish assignments, regurgitate what was presented in a test and hurry on to the next unit.  However, just as quickly as the lesson is finished, the information is lost and replaced with the next bit.  (inner teacher preachin’ here)  To truly gain a meaningful experience from the lesson it must be experienced.  I am not talking about whipping up a crafty bit to make a perfunctory shrine, speak some words over it, make up some bunk about “oooh that just did it for me” and go.  I am talking about, doing research and meditation to determine what that shrine should look like.  Taking the time to get in the brain-space to focus the intent as it is created.  Truly evoking the intent, emotion, etc necessary to invoke the Divine and give them their rightful Hail and Welcome.  The latter will forever hold a much more rich and deeper meaning than the former ever would.

Now there is definitely a balance.  You shouldn’t rush through something just to say you have done it; however, one cannot just wait for the right time and head-space to come about.  We have to make time.  The seeds must be planted.  They must mature and be harvested.  They must be put through the press and and given the right blend of spice to develop the perfect flavor.  The casks must be watched so that the mix does not sour, and the bottles must be aged so that they reach their full potential.  Each wine has its own subtlety and is celebrated for its individuality.  Each member has been given the information, time, mentorship, friendship and love to fully develop into a BF HP/s and is a shining example of what our craft is really about.  We develop our gifts to our fullest potential and honor the Divine.  We are Sphinx!!