Summer Fun with the Elements

What’s better on a hot summer than ice cream?  So, what a perfect way to celebrate the Summer Solstice than by making the yummy summer treat.

Here’s your basic vanilla ice cream recipe:
2 cups of milk
2 teaspoons of vanilla
6 tablespoons of sugar
Put those 3 ingredients into a Ziploc bag, close, and place that bag into a larger Ziploc bag.  Add a bunch of ice and a handful of rock salt to the outside back and close that bag as well.  Shake the bags until your ice cream is frozen.  You may want to wrap them in a towel or cloth because it gets very cold.

Now where do the elements come in?  That is for you to decide.  You may want to add in an ingredient of your choice so there are 6 ingredients.  Then you can assign each ingredient to an element and have one for the god and goddess.  After you’ve figured out which ingredient will go with which element you can charge them during ritual, chant while shaking, and enjoy a cool balancing treat for cakes and ale.