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The Case for Death

Forgive me… this has nothing to do with magical living. Or maybe it does. But basically I’m just working through it, and I’m writing it here because it is not a topic I can comfortably discuss with my family. I’m … Continue reading

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The Power of Nonsense

Silver’s blog the other day got me to thinking. In case anyone missed it or wants the Reader’s Digest version, it’s a Pow-Wow ‘spell’ for dealing with something that is making you feel overwhelmed or unduly stressed, even to the … Continue reading

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It’s a Jungle in Here

Fine time, now that we’ve all reserved names, but here’s a list sitting on my desk of critters that are not taken – I wonder why: Kestrel Turkey Armadillo Bobcat Cat Elepant Elk Lynx Moose Opossum (there is a Possum) … Continue reading

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