I often post to forums of various types when I have something to share, and find them endlessly helpful when it comes to debugging some bit of code (day job!) But it’s a rare thing for me to become involved in a forum about magic, especially on spell-slingin’, “wicca is what you want” type sites.

Our national clan head recently relaunched her website with the help of some of our magical cousins, so I thought I’d check it out. And I got drawn into the conversation and posted a couple of items there. I thought I’d share them here for discussion as well.

In a thread on cookie magic:

I saw this thread and had a pipe up. My husband swears I nabbed him with my “Damn Magic Cookies”.

The situation: I had recently begun a new job where I had been told I would find someone who would be very special to me for a very long time, if not for a lifetime or more. About 2 months in, I can see that there is definitely potential for this with SEVERAL individuals, but the place is also a bit of a meat market, so I want to sort out the “real feelings” people from the “just wanna getsum” folks.

I baked two batches of sugar cookies, using appropriate* herbs (in small amounts), colored frostings and cut-out symbolism and imbuing them with the following intents: 1) Intensify *existing* feelings and 2) create a great desire to communicate emotions. I put the tin of cookies out in the break room the next day. Most people took 2-3 and it was certainly an interesting day at work! A great deal of “clearing the air” got done that day.

One young man, however, ate nearly two dozen of the bite-sized cookies. Then he asked me to lunch. And spilled his handbag.

It’s eleven years later and we’ve been together pretty much ever since.

Notes of caution with this one:
1) I did a dangerous thing, leaving them cookies out in public. I think I was prepared to take any blowback. This is part of being a witch: you break it you bought it. Go fix it.
2) The feelings had to already be there. My intent was simply to figure out who was for real and who was pure hormones. Another thing you learn about magic pretty quickly: *intent* is not the same as *how it will play out*. The Universe takes the path of least resistance, and that path is often ineffable.
3) This was NOT a love spell. It intensifies ANY feelings and creates communication about them. This can be a very good thing. It can also lead to hurt feelings, breakups, job losses, etc. Fortunately only my husband has enough of a sweet tooth that he got the mega dose.

You could use a formula like this for almost any intent. See “Like Water for Chocolate”…beautiful book/film and very instructive on magical cookery.

*Do the research and search yourself. Often the appropriate item is what *feels* right. Don’t be a lazy witch.