First Directions in Wicca

This introduction to Wicca is designed for those taking their first steps in the world of the Craft. It is also a prerequisite for all traditional training in the Sphinx Clan, regardless of prior Pagan experience.This series will not teach you Traditional Craft, but it will teach you about it. You will walk away with a basic understanding of the backbone of Wicca. If you should wish to continue your studies, this class will give you a strong foundation to move forward from.

The next class at the hearthstone will be offered when Hamilton County reaches Level 1 (yellow) in the state Coronavirus emergency system.

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Class Topics

Class 1: Introduction and Elements
An overview of Pagan paths, what it means to practice Witchcraft and/or Wicca, and a quick visit to each of the four directions.
Class 2: Sabbats and Moons
A discussion of the major holidays of the Craft and the role of the Moon.
Class 3: History and Hierarchy
A look at the recent history of the Craft and some key people involved in its renaissance. Also, an overview of coven structure and training methods.
Class 4: Ethics and Responsibility
Exploring the why of the Craft.
Class 5: Ritual and Deity
Learn about making ritual comfortable and talking to Gods.
Class 6: Spirit Guides, Totems & Familiars
Working with guides and animals.
Class 7: How to See: Divinatory Survey
Discover what divination is, how it works, and several popular methods for practice.
Class 8: Magic, Power and Personal Development
A quick look at the mechanics of magic, and a preview of the challenges that those who wish to continue their study will soon face.

Course Format

The class meets at a private home in Westwood, after an initial introductory meeting/interview at a nearby public location. Meetings are approximately two hours long, every other week, with eight class meetings over a four month period. Students should plan approximately 10-20 minutes a day for course “homework” practice, plus an hour and a half for weekly reading. All applications for an upcoming class must be received and approved prior to the first class. On occasion, late-starters are allowed to join the group after the first class, provided they will be able to attend without alterations to the schedule. No new students will be added to a class after the second class.