The Power of the Circle

There are times when one feels so very alone in this world, and then a personal crisis occurs, and one realizes just how supported one is.

This past weekend, I had a small personal crisis occur. As often happens, my attempts at working toward a solution were clouded by emotion, anxiety and concern for the “mundane” solution. However, I had my mobile phone with me and was able to post to my social networks. Within an hour or so, people were assisting in many simple ways. And as I felt the efforts of my covenors “click in”, my anxiety reduced, the path became clearer, and in time, the crisis resolved. (Incidentally, it resolved within minutes of speaking to one coven member, which makes me wonder if I should not have made a voice call to the circle earlier!)

A coven is a family. Like a family, we celebrate and play together, we argue and make up, we love each other even when we don’t really like each other, and when the shit hits the fan….we work together and protect one another. The power of the coven is more than the sum of its parts. This is the power of the circle!